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Passive Real Estate Investing

Apr 28, 2016

Is it truly possible to purchase turnkey rental properties for about $6,000 total out-of-pocket?

On today’s episode we show you that it is, and we explain how it works and how you too can benefit if you choose.

Join us as we speak to one of our Memphis property specialists about the market and the opportunity.

If you...

Apr 21, 2016

After returning from a two-week vacation in Thailand, I’m back to work answering listener questions. On today’s episode I talk about some miscellaneous stats and cover some listener questions including:

  • What do the successful 2% do that the other 98% don’t?
  • Do you deal with “active” real estate...

Apr 1, 2016

On today’s episode our guest is Keith Weinhold. Keith is the founder of Get Rich Education and is a popular podcaster, active real estate investor, business owner, and good friend.

Keith shares his story of how he started in real estate and became an “accidental millionaire”. Many of you may want to copy that same...